Product List - Native American Tote Bags

The following Tote bags are high quality, virgin canvas featuring reproductions of original Native American art. They can also be purchased without a design and come in a variety of sizes.These bags make excellent gifts and can be personalized with a name drop. Their purchase supports participating artists and assists the Native American  community in achieving their goals of self-sufficiency and self-determination. Thank you for your support.
For a full resolution view of the tote bags pictured herein, click on one or both of them.

The bag on the left is a large tote bag. The one on the right is a pocket bag. The dimensions and prices for the bags are listed below.
To order, select one or more designs that you like along with the colors and materials; then click on the "On-Line Order Form" link below to place your order. 

Pocket bags cannot currently be ordered with a design, so when ordering this type, please specify "plain."





J901 Eagle&Fish  J301 Eagle Head J902 Eagle Shield J903 EagleFeather J904 EagleWarrior
J905Trad. Dancer J802 Sun Buffalo  J401WarriorBrave  J906WhiteBuffalo  J201 WolfDancer 
J204 Eagle Tail J203Mother&Child J603 Fisherman J801 Sun Eagle  J402SunWarriors 
J907 Sioux Ducks J202 Eagle&Skull 
Price List
Tote Bags 


Small -- 10"L x 13"D x 5"W, 91/2" Strap


Pocket -- 181/2"L x 13"D x 5"W, 12" Strap


Large -- 131/2"L x 17"D x 5"W, 16" Strap


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